5 implications for Mobile Advertising in China

5 implications pulled out from the PWC white paper on Cross Country comparison of Mobile Advertising (Focus – China)

1. The most acceptable way to target consumers—across all countries—is by interests, followed by “current location.” Targeting by keywords tracked by texts, emails or phone calls is the least acceptable way to target and will only annoy them and potentially have a negative effect on brand attitudes.

2. Given China and Brazil far outpace US and UK in engaging in “everyday” online mobile activities such as entertainment (e.g. downloading/streaming movies/TV); making purchases or hotel/flight reservations or finance-related (e.g. buying/selling stock), it’s a good assumption that Brazilian and Chinese consumers spend more time on/interacting with their mobile devices and are likely to be more receptive to advertising messages. Opportunities exist in these countries for increasing media spend allocation to mobile.

3. . Across countries, app downloading behavior is highest among the 18–34 age cohort, with China downloading more apps than any other country. This would indicate targeting free app-based mobile advertising to this age group—especially among Chinese advertisers—would be most efficient.

4. The best time of day to be targeted with mobile ads varies by country, with US and UK consumers not being receptive to any specific time of day (given they are less receptive to mobile advertising in general). Brazil is most receptive to viewing ads “when I wake up” and China “when I am on my way to work.”  There is an opportunity to schedule advertising during times of days when consumers claim to be most receptive to receiving mobile ad messages.

5. Most important attribute of Mobile advertising –

  • “Relevant ad content” is the most important attribute of mobile advertising across all countries.  This is not surprising as the “rules” of mobile advertising are the same as any effective advertising—so it seems obvious that in order to promote mobile ad engagement, the content of the ads have to be inherently interesting/relevant to the viewer.
  • For both Brazil and Chinese markets, “Getting freebies” is the second most important factor for mobile advertising.
  • Ads for “Products specific to my current location” are more important for Brazil, China and US  consumers.



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