5 things garnered from Rogue 1 Marketing

This week saw the release of Rogue 1 – A Star Wars Story, which is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. This was also the 2nd film from the franchise released by Disney, which bought LucasFilms in 2012 for $ 4 billion. This post seeks to pinpoint 5 points from the marketing of Rogue 1.

  1.  The Star Wars franchise has direct appeal from 2 generations of movie goers spanning 1977 to 2016. (People born in the early 60’s to kids born in the 2010’s.) Clearly it appeals to all segments. The brands chosen for the tie up also reflect the diversity – whether in the UK, that’s young adults through the O2 Priority App, families at World Duty Free and Gatwick or tech savvy consumers through Kaspersky. The brands in the US were General Mills, Nissan, Duracell, Gillette and Verizon. Interestingly, Max Factor tied up with The Force Awakens, to target the one segment that under-indexed, which was Women 25-40.
  2. With the gap between the last Star Wars movie being just a year, it was important not to start the marketing of Rogue 1 too early, causing burnout. The main marketing thrust started just 8 weeks prior to the opening date – Dec 16.
  3. A large part of the marketing strategy is the use of fans and influencers to spread the word of mouth. Blogger events were key.
  4. While they offered the 5 lead sponsors the technical support of Lucas Films to shoot the commercials, the film’s marketing spend was cleverly subsidized. (Nissan’s Rogue SUV, Gillette’s Every Story has a face, Duracell’s Rebel Children Squad)
  5. The cast is global in nature and reflects the changing face of Hollywood, and also achieves the commercial part by targeting large film markets like China. It’s led by English actress Felicity Jones and includes Mexican-born actor Diego Luna, Chinese martial artist Donnie Yen, British breakout star Riz Ahmed, and Chinese actor Jiang Wen.




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